Why Come Home?

Okay, so my first post was a bit gloomy, and returning to America after ten years in Korea, has not been easy, but in the end, after all options have been weighed:

Stay in Korea Pros:

  • cash for the whole family
  • work for my me and my wife
  • entertainment for the whole family
  • friendly neighbors and family
  • thorough and quality education for the boys

Korea Cons:

  • pollution for the boys
  • less athletic outlets for the boys
  • less natural surroundings for the boys
  • long work hours so less time with the boys
  • long school hours for the boys
  • less educational freedom for the boys
  • family obligation for all of us
  • limited english language exposure for the boys
  • limited opportunities to advance my/mia’s education
  • Prejudice or jealousy against the boys

America Pros:

  • english language exposure
  • multicultural exposure
  • comfie suburban living
  • little pollution
  • support from my parents
  • education for me and my wife
  • high grades in school for the boys
  • chance for the boys to get to know their american grandparents

America Cons:

  • little work for teachers
  • less pay for teachers
  • no respect for teachers
  • more difficult to support a family
  • violence
  • prejudice
  • less exotic scenes for me to write about

Two things trump all else. The boys need English fluency, and their parents need more college education.


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