herniated disk and no insurance

I’ve been on ice since June with no medical insurance. I swim a lot and that helps, until it doesn’t. The meds are running out and so I went to my doctor for an MRI. I told him about tingling all over, radiating from the back through the arms and legs. He told me about calcium vitamins and glucosomine.

I insisted we take a look and he agreed to x-rays but not to an MRI, because they’re expensive.

There is a gel made from cock’s comb, that they can inject into the joints, that might actually be fairly cheap – and I don’t need an MRI to tell me I have a herniated disk. All signs say so. So I’d just as soon they oil my bearings, chains and sprockets with that stuff, each and every vertebra, the hips, knees, ankles and toes.

But for some reason it is not that easy. First I have to take the MRI. I have to do lot’s of other things promising to be too damn expensive for me to do, so instead I get ice and a calcium pill.

In Korea, right now, all of this bullshit would cost me about six dollars maximum. I’d be back working within the week.

If worse comes to worst I’ll fly over to Korea for a medical holiday because the round trip plane ticket would cost me a lot less than an MRI or surgery here in Battle Creek, and plus I’d get to visit Korea, maybe even teach some classes, working for cash money on the barrel head.

I miss that too, the feel of having money in my pocket. Of paying my way and paying for others, sharing the wealth.

And respect, not just because of the money but also because in that region of the world they venerate teachers, they pray to teachers just as they do the Buddha!

Here, as a substitute teacher, I’d get more respect shoveling shit.


5 thoughts on “herniated disk and no insurance

  1. Where i was working in Busan it’d have cost me 500,000 won, and that was chump change.

    In Battle Creek I make 250 bucks a week if I’m lucky. And with the back pain, i don’t think i am going to work next week.

    But here it’s just hard for me to find a doctor willing to take me until i sign up for medicaid. as soon as i have medicaid hopefully soon then everything should be ‘scraight’.

    Anyways, i don’t know if there is what i want in south korea yet.

    Medical is cheap in rok, but, their western medicine is as backwards as our eastern medicine.

    I have an old chinese doctor from taiwan doing acupuncture and moxibustion on me, and it pretty much costs me my paycheck.

    The Chinese doctors hate ice, and he tells me to stop using it, while every western doctor recommends ice and heat.

    One thing. pain killers are easy to get in the United States, regardless of insurance. but i don’t really wanna go that route. i prefer the pool as a pain-killer, or the hot spas in ho-shim-chang, fresh han-yak and a dollar bottle of C1, oh, and some dwen-jang chee gae, or eel… mmmmm


  2. hate to break it to you but we are no longer revered as gods among men here. teacher street cred has gone down tremendously…nothing like back home of course but we get away with much less than the good ol’ days.

    also WAY, WAY more idiots around.


  3. I recommend you “shop” for MRIs, if you have to pay for it out of pocket, and if your area has many choices. Don’t just go to the one your doctor refers you to. Some clinics have more powerful and accurate machines than others, too.


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