Babelfish Translation

Babelfish Translation

Jee Hae: Oh! Is like my duty officials long time no see!

Hyung Tae: Both

Jee Hae: However Hyung Tae, is woman you coupled together on foot short time your girlfriend?

Hyun Tae: She is. Is second year in high school but now gathers in eyes but height is big but deliberate. She is live same village is ready front-door next door house. It is thinking of going together inside my girlfriend this school if she graduates. Do you have a girlfriend?

Mee Hyun: No. My ideals seems is types if sincere. However is not now. Seeming is ideal is first type this man. Met him when it is welcome freshman. Felt that he is strong did couple crab love but plays game of push-up, chicken leg fight. Felt warm down there. I like strong man however he be ordinary. So be unpopular. However, I popularity man who is any and occurs well hate. Anyway, my ideal occurred seemed to. If I understood my jot. You have a girlfriend Jee Hyun?

Jee Hyun: Yes. I do not exist. Because I am tall. Seem to like short and cute. However, unlovable seniority in age is fine. Then may treat easy that go to school and is comfortable.

Jee Hae: Really? How is then my friend pulse la duplicity? She has a lot of cute pages although is seniority in ages.

Jee Hwan: She is my ideal type itself! Your ideal type what be?

Jee Hae: Such man of is ideal type teeth. However, Juniority I hate. New Year’s greeting is childish even if I do something. He fits to all conditions and it is a person to know inflect of time well. There is not around such a person smell. So, is finding.

Hyung Tae: Well, such is that will hard to get if too many things. It is my mind.

Jee Hae: I go to homework is left undone. See next.

Everyone: Yes! Again see!


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